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Premier service. Same day service. We offer all of the services your car could potentially need. Local Mobile Mechanic’s success is due to the favorable relationships we have constructed with our consumers. We want to be the automobile store you require your car repair requirements, and our goal is 100% customer fulfillment. Having your vehicle repaired or serviced can be an irritating procedure. At Local Mobile Mechanic, we want to take the hassle out of having your car fixed. Local Mobile Mechanic is the very best in the auto-repair business. Our group of specialist mechanics will specifically detect the concern and get you back on the road in absolutely no time at all.


We offer total car care service from regular dealer advised upkeep to complete diagnostics and all full-service automobile repair. We know that our reputation is developed one client at a time, and we value your continued business with us here at Local Mobile Mechanic.

We also understand that vehicle repairs can sometimes be an extremely tough and complicated procedure. And frequently, it’s overpriced and unreliable. That’s why we take great pride in being as transparent as possible when explaining what your vehicle truly needs, and our customer service is unmatched. If you’re in Melbourne, Local Mobile Mechanic should be your only stop for top of the line automotive repair work. We supply service with an ease that can’t be matched at values that can’t be beaten. Our mechanics are the very best in the business, and each and every single Local Mobile Mechanic client returns to the road with the assurance that licensed professionals performed every service on their vehicle.


From tires to transmissions, we fix it all!

Wheel and Tire Alignment
Engine Diagnostic
Car Wash and Glassing
Body Repair and Painting
Odor Elimination
Basic Oil Changes


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Niddrie Automobile Service Car Professional

mobile mechanic NiddrieWe use three unique kinds of automobile maintenance for all our customers in Niddrie: Upkeep, Performance and Ultimate. On the majority of service occasions, a Maintenance Service is all that is needed to keep your vehicle in good running order. Regularly, we will advise a Performance or Ultimate Service depending on the length of time since some of the major service items have actually been done, or if a service hasn’t been provided for a long time. We don’t believe in replacing items that don’t need replacing and making you pay more needlessly. At the same time, we don’t cut corners simply to get you in the door. Our objective is to give you problem free|totally free motoring, and make it work within your budget plan. We always aim to explain what we are doing and why. Here is a summary of the different kinds of Services:

Our Niddrie Mobile Maintenance Service covers the following points:

  • Engine flush to get rid of harmful internal deposits from your engine’s lubrication system
  • Replacement of engine oil, oil filter and sump plug washer
  • Light and battery check
  • Fluid check and top up of all under bonnet levels
  • Comprehensive examination of brakes and suspension components consisting of brake change where required.
  • Check tire condition and pressures inc spare
  • General safety assessment
  • Road test and written report

Performance Service Niddrie

A Performance Service encompasses the Upkeep Service with the addition of:

  • Replacement of spark plugs
  • Throttle body clean
  • Air filter replacement
  • Upper engine tidy

Ultimate Service Niddrie

The Ultimate Service includes the Maintenance and Efficiency Solutions with the addition of

  • New Fuel Filter
  • ECU system scan and report
  • Replacement of cabin filter
  • Air con performance check
  • Full roadway safety check inc seat belt|safety operation etc
  • Log Book Service

Vehicle Service In Niddrie “By the Book”

24/7 Mobile Mechanic NiddrieOften called a hand book service, a logbook service is when your automobile is serviced in accordance with the vehicle maker specifications. It includes checking and/or replacing particular parts and fluids on the vehicle at the time intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

Lots of people think they should go back to an automobile dealership for New Vehicle Log Book servicing in order to preserve the warranty. Really, the ACCC have regularly verified that under Australian Law, you are free to have your automobile service carried out by a mechanic or service centre of your choice provided they are qualified to do so.

Exactly what is an Automobile Log Book?

A vehicle log book is a guide offered by the vehicle maker’s containing details on the defined or suggested service requirements. It guides your mechanic on exactly what requires attention at that particular service interval. It is also utilized as record of Services carried out. Completing these services on time helps to protect your automobile’s re-sale value, extend the life of the car and to preserve the service warranty.

Who can Stamp my Log Book?

The log book in some vehicles consists of a box which suggests that it must be marked by an ‘authorised dealer’. The ACCC have actually validated that even if a log book is identified in this way, an independent repairer may sign or stamp the relevant page your service log book without it affecting the maker’s guarantee, provided they are certified to do so which all vital requirements are met. Our Service Centres are fully certified to carry out your log book service and validate your log book service records.

We want to take care of all your automobile requirements, including maintenance and repair work. Whether you require a mechanical repair work, a tire replacement, an electrical or air conditioning test or just your basic maintenance, we have the staff and the ways to make it happen. We specialise in repairs and services on European cars, including Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes. Let us organise the work for you, so you’ll spend less money and less time in the workshop and more time back on the road.

We also assure that you’ll get a fixed price from us prior to we start working on your car n Niddrie. This is a guarantee for any standard repair or servicing that your automobile requires. If your car has broken parts that we can’t evaluate immediately and discover later on, we’ll make certain to call you and offer you a rate for their repair work before we continue with any work.

What Our Mobile Repair Work Service In Includes

auto mechanic NiddrieWhen you come to one of our workshops for car repair, you’re guaranteed to get the following advantages:

  • No surprise quotes or concealed fees
  • A full road test
  • A total series of payment options
  • A comprehensive report of your repair work for both you and our office records
  • Our friendly follow-up and pointer programme

Our Repair Work Priorities

In every service, we’ll do a thorough assessment of your car’s condition. In our report, we’ll let you know what work needs to be done and prioritise that work according to your spending plan and our ABC system.

Top priority consists of car parts that have actually become dangerous and demand urgent attention.

Priority B consists of cars and truck parts that we can repair now so that you can avoid severe damage and costly repair work in the future.

Priority C consists of anything that isn’t a problem now, but we will keep an eye on these parts with every check out to our workshop and update our assessment.

Whether you need a log book servicing, a total overhaul or even a small repair work, we’re the team you can depend on whenever. Our prices are hard to match and our inspection and repairs are second to none.
Get the Best Vehicle Care Today in Niddrie!

Bonus Car Mechanical Solutions In Niddrie

We can also provide a total examination, quote and repair for such crucial elements as:

  • Steering and Suspension
  • Transmissions
  • Differentials
  • Clutches
  • Radiators and batteries
  • Cylinder head reconditioning
    And so a lot more!

Why run around from one service center to another when you can come straight to us? We use a well-trained group of mechanics and professionals to manage all your vehicle maintenance needs. Not only will we guarantee that you get a fixed price prior to any work begins, but you’re also entitled to a warranty for our services (6 months or 10,000 km) and our repairs (12 months or 20,000 km). Put your trust in our expertise and see what we can do for your car in a single day.

Keep in mind, when you come to one of our workshops for automobile repair, you’re guaranteed to get the following advantages:

  • No surprise prices quote or hidden charges
  • A full road test
  • A complete variety of payment choices
  • An in-depth report of your repairs for both you and our workplace records
  • Our friendly follow-up and reminder program

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